Where Nature and spaces are one​
It's not just a plant to us​​​​​​​​​
Color Fleur is an indoor garden specialty shop located in Norfolk, Virginia that provides excellent quality plants and products without the clutter and lack of service of a garden center.

We aim to educate and inspire everyone (even those who don't have a green thumb) to green up their spaces and share the love of nature either with our plants, plant decor arrangement or unique pressed floral art
Expect the best
Our plants are cared FOR IN normal room temperature and lighting so no matter if your interior style is contemporary, rustic, industrial or even nautical our plants will feel AT home.
Here are some species that you might find in color fleur throuGhout the seasons.
  1. Orchids
  2. Bromeliads
  3. Ferns
  4. Anthuriums
  5. Bonsai
  6. Dracena
  7. Succulents
  8. Cactus
  9. Air plants
    Air plants
  10. Amatyllis
  11. Pothos
  12. African violets
    African violets
Oshibana, that translateS TO "pressed flower" in Japanese, was useD back in the 16th century mostly by samurai warriors AS a way of teaching patience and compassion by connecting with nature.
Color fleur is glad to have an exclusive line of artwork, each uniquely executed by the owner himself.
Almost every step of the process requires extreme PATIENCE AND CAUTION, as a simple mistake can seriously setback or even ruin the work. Critically, however, it is the artist's creativity that makes a great Oshibana, distinguishing it from merely good craft works or beginners' attempts. 

the ​​​art of


Plant ​​Arrangements​​
​   ​​​​​​
We make one of kind plant arrangements that perfectly fit in your home or office decor. This includes hanging, water or table terrariums, plants in unique pots and gift bags, fairy gardens, kokedama and so much more.
Our plant arrangements are very limited
So stop by frequently and you might find the surprise that you’re waiting for.