being One with nature

​Deep within the jungle
Color Fleur started up as a degree requirement in university of Puerto Rico at Utuado back in 2015. Luis Pereira, who establishes the name, concept and product, gathered two of his classmates to make Color Fleur flourish.
As the other groups focusED on their product and marketing related to their field of study, Luis' group also wanted to stay true to theirs, which was horticulture emphasizing in floriculture.
His concept was that every product and/or service was incorporated with flowers. Each team member was assigned to a product that was introduced to Color Fleur and Luis was the oshibana (pressed floral) artIST
Color Fleur was well received in local areas like utuado and luquillo and in tourist areas like San Juan and Carolina. Costumers called requesting services and more products but upon graduation the group went their separate ways and Color fleur was inactive.

Having a passion of taking risks and adventures, Luis bought a one-way ticket to Norfolk, Virginia where he has no family members close by. Upon two years he built himself up to the point of living a life comfortable for a young man of his age.
Working at a greenhouse and in charge of the tropical/house plants in Virginia beach was a goal that he was able to achieve but it wasn’t long after a couple of months that he asked himself "do I settle down and continue living the life that I have or can I push myself higher and do greater things?" and just like that he decide to go further and take another risk.
Of all the areas Luis has been in Virginia, downtown Norfolk is his comfort zone. Coming from living only 3 miles away from the only tropical rain forest in the United States National Forest System; el Yunque, is such a contrast from the noisy city life that downtown offers. Here he decided he wanted to locate color fleur and his passion for plants. In 2017 Color Fleur became an officially licensed business in the city of Norfolk..